Leg Extension

Artikelnr: CN-21370

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The Palladium Series Leg Extension features modern styling, precision biomechanics and a comfortable easy entry and exit design. Adjustment points are accessible from the seated position and engineered to accommodate a wide range of users.

- 8 position seat back adjustable while seated or standing uses premium grade linear bearings and gas cylinder assist for stable, low friction adjustments

- 8 position curved shin pad adjustable from the seated position provides proper support and comfort throughout the entire range of motion

- 10 position start range limiter allows users to choose the range of motion best suited to their individual needs.

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Längd 147 cm
Bredd 104 cm
Höjd 147 cm
Viktmagasin 118 kg (145 kg)

Seat Back

Curved Shin Pad

Start Range Limiter