Leg Press

Artikelnr: CN-21375

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Varumärke TRUE


Users of all levels from novice to professional will benefit from the advanced biomechanics of the Palladium Series Leg Press. The adjustable back pad and a unique-to-TRUE adjustable foot platform accommodate a wide range of users and allow multiple foot placements for added exercise variation.

- 9 position seat assembly travels at 20 degrees and adjusts easily from the seated position

- 5 position back pad with gas cylinder assist adjusts through 20 degrees allowing users to determine the range of motion best suited to their individual needs

- 4 position oversized footplate adjusts through 15 degrees allowing for a variety of foot placements while maintaining neutral ankle position

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Längd 219 cm
Bredd 117 cm
Höjd 168 cm
Viktmagasin 190 kg

Seat Assembly

Adjustable Back Pad

Adjustable Foot Plate