Functional Trainer

Artikelnr: CN-21362

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The Functional Trainer encompasses fully-shrouded weight stacks to provide increased safety, as well as premium aesthetics. This piece exudes a style that will capture the attention of any user, and will provide them with a fitness experience incomparable to any other that will leave them craving for more.
Dual weight stack design allows users to train each arm separately or simultaneously
Unique twist and roll pulley handles allow for effortless one-handed adjustments
31 height increments Instruction placards of beginning and ending positions for
20 common exercises
Multi-grip pull-up bar enhances versatility
Integrated accessory tray with water bottle holder


Längd 113 cm
Bredd 168 cm
Höjd 215 cm
Vikt 309 kg
Viktmagasin 98 kg x 2
Motstånd 2:1
Frakt volym 0
Frakt vikt 0