Smith Attachment

Artikelnr: CN-61450-69
Till X-Create

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Varumärke Torque


Transform your X-CREATE lifting station with a Smith Module. Attachable to any 8 foot or 2-sided 8 foot X-CREATE module space, the Smith Module is the ultimate space-saver. Featuring a 32lb (14.5kg) black chrome bar with precision knurling, stainless steel sleeves and domed caps, users can operate with or without plates.
Equipped with linearly adjustable bar stops and duel-race linear bearings for a smooth and safe lift.

*Unit must be anchored to the ground for stability if used as a stand-alone, one-module X-CREATE system. Attachment to a multi-module X-CREATE system is recommended.


Längd 196 cm
Bredd 76 cm
Höjd 229 cm