True Löpband 400

Artikelnr: CN-21170B

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Varumärke TRUE


The C400 provides your commercial facility reliable performance and a high-quality experience with patented features like HRC Heart Rate Control® and TRUE’S low-impact Soft System®. In addition, the C400 is the ideal choice for rehabilitation use at health and medical facilities with a low speed of only .2 mph. A variety of console options provide the technology, features, and asset management needed for your facility.


Färg Svart
Lutning 0% - 15%
Längd 200 cm
Bredd 80 cm
Höjd 157 cm
Vikt 158 kg
Max användarvikt 181 kg
Löpyta 152 cm x 56 cm
Hastighet 0.3 - 19 km/h
Frakt vikt 0
Frakt volym 0