Octane Zero Runner

Artikelnr: CN-34367
ZR8000 Standard display

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Varumärke Octane


The ZR8000 delivers all the benefits of a treadmill…but better. Totally unique on the cardio floor, the ZR8000 generates buzz by combining the best of a treadmill and an elliptical for standout workouts that replicate real running.

And for clubs, the ZR8000 offers valuable advantages: no electricity costs, quiet operation and minimal maintenance and service needs, unlike a treadmill. 


The Impact of running (pdf)


Längd 176 cm
Bredd 110 cm
Vikt 162 kg
Max användarvikt 181 kg
Steglängd 147 cm

Produktegenskaper Large LED display with integrated capacitive buttons Simultaneously displays essential workout data Zero-Impact Running™ 58” stride length fits all users 15 resistance levels and 12 workout programs Self-powered Quiet operation Smaller than a treadmill Wireless heart rate compatibility – ANT+ and Polar® Digital contact heart rate on stationary handlebar Add-on options: Personal viewing screens and wireless 900Mhz